less plastic, less waste, less CO2

We serve our drinks in glas, not plastic,

we buy less, we use what we have


Take what you have and make it extraordinary

The bus was saved from the junkyard, we build quite everything from pallets, we buy secondhand stuff, beer in reusable bottles...


Close the lifecycle of materials

We make sure everything we buy is from natural recourses, we separate materials

Bus Stop, apres ride bar, Grindelwald


Täglich geöffnet:

Dezember bis März

täglich von 13.00 bis 19.00

Bus Stop

Erlend Gass

Eggimannstrasse 23

3008 Bern

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Bus Stop Warmbächli, Warmbächli Brache Bern


Mai bis Oktober

jeden Freitag Abend und bei Veranstaltungen

Verein Bus Stop Warmbächli

Güterstrasse 8

3008 Bern

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